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Michael Gardner, lives in Kyogle, New South Wales (2015-present)

I live in New South Wales which is probably the most permissive state in Australia when it comes to alcohol. In Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and until recently Western Australia supermarkets are not allowed to sell alcohol. However in New South Wales, the majority of supermarkets either have a liquor section or have one of their own situated right next door. Massive liquor stores such as Dan Murphy and Ist Choice Liquor abound.

There are some restrictions on drinking in public. Many beach areas and public parks have a ban on drinking between certain hours but these areas are prominently signposted and the restrictions are put in place only in areas that have suffered from public drunkenness in the past.

In certain CBD areas there are “lockout laws” to prevent late night and early morning public drunkenness and violence. Again, these spots are few and far between and do not apply to premises in most areas.

As a drinker I can go out right now and get hammered in several nearby venues or grab as much alcohol as I want from various local liquor stores.

However I’d better watch out for Random Breath Testing by police as, quite rightly I shouldn’t be out drinking and driving.

As for drugs other than alcohol it is indeed possible to view current anti drugs campaigns as being somewhat hysterical. I don’t know much about the drug situation so will leave that to others to comment.

Daniel, what aspects of alcohol liquor licencing in NSW strike you as “so strict”? Any less strict and the place could end up looking like Gin Alley. Or in our case beer street.

Beer Street and Gin Lane - Wikipedia

John KnightPricing Fakeyourdrank Fake - , lived in Sydney, Australia (2013-2018)

The OP “Daniel Mar” has a completely vacuous profile on Quora.

It would be fair to say that New South Wales is awash in alcohol, with the most permissive alcohol laws in Australia. Americans with their strictly enforced drinking age of 21 and their dry counties and dry university campuses are generally shocked at the alcohol dependent culture in Australia.

Recently (late 2018) New South Wales has tightened its already strict drink driving laws. Before about 1980 the laws were lax, and it was uncommon to be tested for drink driving unless you caused an accident.

Pricing Fakeyourdrank Fake - Back around 1980 in Sydney I knew a criminologist Jeff Sutton who was doing research into the effectiveness of more restrictive drink driving laws. He would go along as a “participant observer” with a policeman and his breathalyser.

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Pricing Fakeyourdrank Fake - He told me that one time he was with a policeman who was about to start breathalysing people. The policeman blew into the machine himself to test it. The reading went over the limit and the policeman said, “ Good. It’s working”.

New South Wales is far from strict. Why do you think they are? In America you have to be 21 to drink. In NSW only 18. Drugs are banned all over Australia and for that matter in most countries. NSW laws are quite lenient regarding sentencing for those you break them. We have free methadone and shooting rooms…Im not sure what you mean.

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